Watch: Keith Olbermann Reveals 2 Trump-Russia Grand Jury Investigations Underway

Keith Olbermann dropped a bombshell on “The Resistance Report” regarding confirmed reports that the FBI are collaborating with U.S. attorneys in Virginia and two Grand Juries are currently investigating Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. 

FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress this week and admited the FBI were in fact working their way through the legal system to fully vet all connections between the Trump Campaign and Russia, particularly as evidence of collusion continues to mount. 

Olbermann also torched mainstream media outlets for refusing to cover this story following Comey’s testimony, instead choosing to focus on the FBI Director’s comments about Hillary Clinton. 

According to legal sources outlined in the video clip below, between 28 and 42 warrants have been issued by the two Grand Juries investigating Trump-Russia collusion. 

What does this mean for Delusional Donald? Well, impeachment could be closer than we think if either of the Grand Jury investigations bear fruit. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story. 

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