Watch: Epic Video Montage Highlights Trump’s Top 100 Failures in First 100 Days!

Boom! The folks at Funny or Die created an epic video montage of Trump’s Top 100 Failures in his first 100 Days that will leave you laughing for hours!  

With so much material to draw from, it’s a miracle the Funny or Die crew were able to narrow the list to just 100 Failures! 

All the heavy hitters are represented, including some of your favorite moments such as:

  • Inauguration crowd size lies
  • Betsy Devos Grizzly Bears
  • Sean Spicer Holocaust denial
  • “Bowling Green Massacre”
  • Fake Sweden terror attack 
  • Asking a black reporter if she was friends with the Congressional Black Caucus and could set up a meeting
  • Merkel handshake fail
  • Biggest electoral win since Reagan lie
  • Forgetting which country he bombed
  • Sending an “Armada” to Korea
  • Horrible Tweet spelling and grammatical errors

Ultimately, however, the biggest failure of Trump’s first 100 Days has to be his Administration’s ‘amateur hour’ cover up of their treasonous ties to Putin’s Russia. 

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