Watch: Trump furiously ends CBS interview after Obama wiretap question

Woah! Trump abruptly ended a CBS interview in the Oval Office when pressed by a reporter to provide evidence backing up his delusional Obama wiretap conspiracy claims. 

Trump nearly lost his shit when veteran CBS News reporter John Dickerson pressed Trump twice to explain his now defunct, erratic tweets calling President Obama “bad” and “sick” for allegedly wiretapping Trump Tower.  

The tense moments unfolded in the Oval Office, as Delusional Donald looked unsettled and unhinged after Dickerson challenged his authority just steps from Trump’s desk. 

This abrupt encounter with CBS comes on the heels of a weekend in which Trump virulently assailed the New York Times at a rally commemorating his 100th Day, skipped the White House Correspondents Dinner, and asked Chief of Staff Reince Preibus to go on the Sunday shows to share that the Administration was investigating ways to make it easier to sue News Organizations. 

When considered within the proper context, Trump’s aggressive encounter with Dickerson reveals an uncomfortable truth: After 100 days in Office Trump is slowly deteriorating into a despot with a penchant to squash free speech and fact-based journalism. 

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