Watch: Republican explodes on Spicer & Trump for N. Korea Comments

Boom! Former GOP Congressman Joe Walsh exploded on Donald Trump and Sean Spicer on Monday for their ridiculous complimentary comments about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. 

Walsh admitted that as a Trump supporter he tries his best not to pull his hair out for every lunatic fringe statement uttered by the Commander-in-Chief. 

With Trump off his meds and apparently willing to meet Mano a Mano with the genocidal dictator of North Korea, there is no one in the White House willing to stand up to “The Mad King” and confront the reality that POTUS is unhinged and a danger to himself and others. 

The MSNBC host pressed Walsh on his comments, asking why he continued to support Trump despite his frequent absurd comments and actions. Walsh solemnly replied “He makes it hard.” That, my fiends, is an understatement! 

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