Archive Month: May 2017

Watch: Senator Shuts Down Trump’s Budget Director!

Boom! Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Michigan) absolutely shutdown Trump’s incompetent Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney for the rampant cuts to environmental protection in the proposed budget.   Senator Stabenow set up Mulvaney beautifully by asking the Budget Director “Why you think it’s important not to protect our water?” To which Mulvaney took the bait, and offered aRead More

Watch: “Oh, the Places Those Tiny Hands Will Go!” Noah Hammers Trump

Boom! Trevor Noah returned from a week long hiatus from the Daily Show deliver a hard-hitting, hilarious segment covering Trump’s first foreign trip entitled: “Oh, the places those tiny hands will go!”   First, Trevor Noah hammered Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia and the hypocrisy of a $110 Billion arms deal to the home of nineteenRead More

Watch: Heated ‘Fake News’ Exchange Erupts Between Spicer and Reporters

A heated ‘fake news’ exchange erupted between Sean Spicer and several reporters at the White House Press Briefing on Tuesday.   CNN’s Jim Acosta battled with Spicer over the Administration’s repeated, unfounded claims that CNN and the New York Times are ‘Fake News’ outlets hellbent on bringing down the Trump White House.   When pressedRead More

“Why all the cloak-and-dagger secrecy” on Russia, Fmr. Director of National Intelligence

Why is the Trump White House so defensive, so secretive, and so prone to “Cloak-and-dagger” secrecy regarding Russia?  This is a question that former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper proposed in an interview with PBS and CNN in the video clips below.  Clapper, who advised and served President Obama for years, is a seniorRead More

Watch: Sean Spicer refuses to admit Trump knew about Kushner backchannel 

Why won’t Sean Spicer admit that Trump knew about the Kushner Russia backchannel?  I suppose no one informed the Trump Administration that it was the coverup, not the Watergate break-in, that brought down the Nixon White House! It’s just flat out ridiculous and not even remotely possible that Kushner acted alone. Why would Trump’s inexperiencedRead More

Watch: Jared Kushner is ‘Absolutely’ a Russian Agent, Former FBI Agent 

Boom! A former FBI double agent, Naveed Jamali, shocked his fellow MSNBC panelists with a bombshell revelation: Jared Kushner is ‘absolutely’ a Russian agent.  Those are some damning words from a man, Jamali, who himself worked as a double agent during his tenure with the FBI, saying of Kushner, “This man was either a RussianRead More

Watch: Even Rightwing Nut Jobs Like Rick Santorum Are Turning On Trump

Even right wing nutjobs (RWNJ) like Rick Santorum are turning on Trump, and GOP leaders should be terrified.  When fringe politicians like Rick Santorum, former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, feel the urge to lecture Trump on the Sunday shows about how to be a ‘good president’ and reign in his dirty little tweeting habbit, youRead More

Watch: Bernie Slaughters Trump’s $52 Billion Tax Break For Walton Family

Boom! Senator Bernie Sanders slaughtered Trump Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney, for defending a $52 Billion tax cut giveaway for the wealthiest family in the United States. Bernie slammed Mulvaney by pointing out that, “The wealthiest family in America receives a $52 billion tax break as a result of the repeal of the Estate Tax.” To whichRead More

Watch: Colbert Rips Trump As “Laughingstock Of NATO Summit”

  Boom! Stephen Colbert dissected and destroyed Trump’s performance at the NATO summit in Brussels last week in a hilarious clip from The Late Show depicting how Trump became the laughingstock of the NATO summit.   The crowd cheered raucously when Colbert began with “Donald Trump is still out of the country.” Which set theRead More

Watch: Biden Slams Trump Campaign at Cornell University Commencement

Vice President and Democratic darling, Joe Biden, slammed the coarse rhetoric and dark emotions of the Trump Campaign during his Cornell University Commencement Address.   Biden did not mince words in his remarks to graduating seniors at the Ivy League university when he outlined how the Trump campaign exploited the rapid change and disruption facing the AmericanRead More