Archive Month: April 2017

Watch: Sean Spicer Flip Flop? “Not Even Hitler Used Chemical Weapons” 

Did Sean Spicer and the Trump Administration just flip flop on support for Bashar Al-Assad? Now they’re placing the goal posts at the ultimate low: “Not even Hitler used chemical weapons.” That’s almost certainly a new low, given that the admisntiation previously held high hopes for the Assad regime, even insinuating that we partner withRead More

Watch: Daily Show “Sean Spicer Kindergarten Press Secretary” Sketch Is Epic

Boom! The Daily Show destroyed Sean Spicer with an epic “Kindergarten Press Secretary” sketch that brilliantly underscores the adversarial relationship between Spicer and The White House Press Corps.  Sean Spicer lost credibility early on in his tenure with absurd exaggerations of innauguration crowd sizes and never quite recovered.  Now the daily press briefing is homeRead More

Watch: New “Radio Free USA” Podcast Labels Bill O’Reilly “Clown of the Week”

Boom! “Radio Free USA” just dropped their latest podcast and this week the guys take aim at Bill O’Reily as the “Clown of the Week.” Last week’s podcast targeted Devin Nunes as the Clown of the Week, and he got fired from the House Intel Committee’s Russia investigation!  Co-Hosts Tarik, Founder of Democratic Memes, andRead More

Watch: Colbert Obliterates Sean Spicer with epic roast that asks “Is he shrinking?”

Boom! Stephen Colbert absolutely obliterated Sean Spicer this week with an epic roast in his Late Show monologue.  Sean Spicer, the laughing stock of the Trump Administration, was absolutely skewered by Colbert for making the ludacris claim earlier this week that Trump’s €78k gift earlier this week to the Interior Department was “Generous” even thoughRead More

Watch: Reporter Crushes Spicer On Mar-a-Lago Trip Costs, Wasteful Spending

Boom! A reporter at the White House press briefing absolutely crushed Sean Spicer with a hardhitting question criticizing Trump’s lavish, frequent trips to his Mar-a-Lago resort.  Spicer looked uncomfortable and flustered by the line of questioning, particularly given that Trump is personally enriching himself with taxpayer dollars by frequently taking up residence at his ownRead More

Watch: Watergate Reporter Drops A Bombshell, Trump Had Backchannel To Russia

Boom! Legendary Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein dropped a bombshell on former Trump staffer Jason Miller on Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN.  After Jason Miller repeateded claimed that Erik Prince had no role in the campaign, Bernstein dropped a bombshell: He has sources from Trump’s national security campaign advisers who confirmed that Erik Prince was inRead More

Watch: CNN Anchor Destroys GOP Congressman for Assad gas attack denial

Boom! CNN’s Kate Bolduan destroyed GOP Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) for his bizarre denial of the Assad regime’s brutal gas attack against the Syrian people.  Massie, a Republican from Kentucky, insisted over and over again that “I don’t think it would serve Bashar al-Assad’s purposes to attack his people with chemical weapons.” Even Trump cameRead More

Trump Gives Bizarre Presser, sniffles are back & a weird exchange with King of Jordan

The sniffles are back! Trump finally condemned the Assad regime and it’s brutal gas attack on the Syrian people earlier this week.  In an odd press conference performance, Trump appeared unhinged and with perpetual loud breathing that echoed as a reminder of the second Presidential debate with Secretary Clinton.  Trump is either back on theRead More

Watch: CNN Panel Erupts As Trump Troll Smears Susan Rice With Fake News

Boom! Trump trolls Jack Kingston and Jason Miller got obliterated by CNN’s Van Jones and Anderson Cooper for peddling a ridiculous, fake news smear against former National Security Adviser Susan Rice.  Kingston, a former Republican Congressman from Georgia, and Miller, a disgraced former Trump communications staffer,  are well known to peddle radical rightwing talking points;Read More

Watch: Maxine Waters Epic Rant on CNN, “Let’s Talk About Impeachment!”

Boom! Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) exploded on CNN this weekend with an epic rant targeting the taboo subject on everyone’s mind these days: Impeachment!  Waters said of Trump “I know if we can prove collusion he is impeachable,” in addition to pointing to the ridiculous and “Outrageous” actions of our Delusional POTUS and the cadreRead More