Archive Month: April 2017

Gallup Poll: Trump, Lowest First Quarter Presidential Job Approval since World War II

A recent Gallop tracking poll delivered some jaw dropping news for the Trump White House: Trump’s approval ratings having dropped to 35%!     The Washington Post are reporting that Trump “Is the first president on record to go that low without it owing to one of three things: war, Watergate or economic strife.”     That’sRead More

Watch: Treasury Dept. Refuses To Grant Russian Sanctions Waiver to Exxon Mobil

   Breaking news folks: The Treasury Department refused to grant Exxon Mobil’s request for a waiver from U.S. sanctions against Russia that the Obama Administration put in place in 2014 as a result of Putin’s annexation of Crimea. These sanctions prevent U.S. companies from certain business operations in Russia, including oil and gas exploration, which areRead More

Watch: Trump says Korea was part of China, Gets a smackdown from Seoul

Boom! This week we’re bringing you a hardhitting report from Democratic Memes covering Trump’s most recent embarrassment on the world stage: claiming South Korea was part of China.  First we offer some context to put Trump’s ignorance into perspective, then we take you to the streets of Seoul, South Korea to view a clip fromRead More

Watch: Colbert Crushes Bill O’Reilly In Final Farewell to the Rightwing Blowhard 

Boom! Stephen Colbert crushed Bill O’Reilly with an epic final farewell to the rightwing, self proclaimed King of a Cable News.  While it was ultimately rampant sexual harassment that brought down the host of the O’Reilly Factor, who reigned over a kingdom of bigotry for twenty years that helped built the Fox News empire, apparentlyRead More

Watch: Jake Tapper Destroys Trump For His “Buy American” Hypocrisy

Boom! Jake Tapper absolutely destroyed Donald Trump for the ridiculous hypocrisy implicit in Trump’s most recent “Buy American” executive order.  Why would a man who outsourced nearly all of his own manufacturing to China sign an Executive Order instructing the Federal Government to buy American?   It just doesn’t add up! Which is why TapperRead More

Watch: Reporters Baffled Trump White House Managed To F*ck Up Easter

Boom! A CNN anchor and a New York Times reporter were baffled that the Trump White House somehow managed to fuck up Easter! That’s right folks, the storied White House Easter egg hunt is a long running tradition that has gone on uninterrupted for over a hundred year, and yet, the Trump Administration botched theRead More

Watch: Glenn Beck Slams Trump for high profile flip-flops “He Has No Core”

It appears that the ranks of the resistance are growing, as Trump’s lunatic fringe Administration continue to burn bridges on both sides of the aisle.  Anderson Cooper invited the notorious arch conservative Glenn Beck onto his program last night to discuss Trump’s fast and furious week of high profile flip-flops on Syria, NATO, and ChinaRead More

Watch: Steve Bannon “In a Dark Place” and isolated in White House Kushner feud

For weeks now the dirty little secret inside the Trump White House was the isolation and sidelining of Steve Bannon.  The rumor mill is swirling and media speculation is in full tilt as it is increasingly clear that Steve Bannon, chief architect of White House policy, politics, and strategy in the early days of theRead More

Watch: CNN Panel Erupts As Trump Fan Defends $22 million Mar-a-Lago Trips 

Boom! Don Lemon presided over a CNN panel that erupted when a Trump supporter offered a ridiculous excuse for the ludicrously expensive golf trips to Mar-a-Lago that Delusional Donald takes nearly every weekend.  Lemon began the segment with a damning revelation, “We crunched the numbers and found that the president has spent six weekends andRead More

Watch: Jake Tapper slams Alabama GOP Governor for criminal resignation

Boom! The GOP walked into a massive punch in Alabama this week when the Republican governor resigned amidst criminal charges involving an elicit affair with a former top aide.  What distinguishes this case from the ever so common affair between a public official and a subordinate is that the Alabama governor used the powers ofRead More