Watch: Trump threatens N. Korea attack to reporter “You’ll soon find out, won’t you?”


We all know Donald Trump is a raging sociopath, but his unhinged actions and hardline rhetoric towards North Korea runs the risk of mushrooming into “A Cuban Missile Crisis in slow motion” according Senator McCain (AZ-R).


In the painful, cringeworthy clip below we can clearly hear Trump’s flippant, coy, and dangerously smug response ” You’ll son find out, won’t you” to a reporter asking about rumors of a preemptive strike against the North Korean regime of Kim Jong Un.
Jake Tapper asked Senator McCain if Trump’s dangerous, testosterone driven rhetoric on North Korea is in fact foreshadowing an attack against the North Koreans, to which McCain simply replied, “I don’t think so Jake.” That’s not a very comforting response from a senior Republican Senator who recently dined with Trump and most certainly discussed the subject of North Korea on that occasion.


It is outrageous and disgraceful that the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. armed forces would so publicly bluff about the use of force in a region that could be set ablaze by the slightest of miscalculations. Trump cannot be trusted with the nuclear codes, and is cluelessly leading the U.S. down a road of provocative tit-for-tat posturing that could quickly escalate into all out war with the North Koreans and the Chinese.


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