Watch: Elizabeth Warren and Bill Maher take down Trump!

Watch: Elizabeth Warren and Bill Maher take down Trump!

Boom! Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher this week to take down Trump, spread the value that Democrats believe in, and shed a light on “The biggest assault on healthcare in history” as Senator Warren dubbed Trumpcare.


Senator Warren has a new book to promote as well, “This Fight Is Our Fight,” tracking the plight of the Middle Class from 1980 to 2015 and the downward spiral of income inequality and the lion’s share of the gains funneled to the top 1% of earners.


Bill Maher pressed Warren on the fact that Democrats also shared some of the blame over the troubling statistics, to which Warren countered that while the trend was uninterupted by successive Republican and Democratic Administrations, the Democrats were the only ones trying to do anything about it. Warren cited Dodd-Frank and the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to buttress her point.


Donald Trump’s recently released Tax Cut Plan was also a topic in the wideranging discussion, which Warren and Maher criticized as the biggest tax cut ever for the wealthiest 1% of Americans.


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