Watch: Bill Maher Obliterates Trump First 100 Days In Epic Monologue


Boom! Bill Maher was back this week with another episode of Real Time that included an epic monologue obliterating Trump’s first 100 Days. Not only is Delusional Donald suffering from dangerously low approval ratings and the ever increasing threat of impeachment, he also was unable to deliver ANY of his campaign promises in his first 100 Days.


Trump promised voters an action-packed first 100 Days that would include major victories in the following areas:


  • Defeat ISIS (tried and failed)
  • Repeal Obamacare (tried and failed)
  • Cut Taxes (tried and failed)
  • Ban Muslims from entering the United States (tried and failed)
  • Create a deportation force and deport millions of immigrants (tried and failed)
  • Drain the Swamp (didn’t even try, ended up becoming a Swamp Thing)


Maher did not hold back, jabbing that “Some people of course are disappointed in his lack of accomplishments. Vladimir Putin. All that work for nothing. You know who thinks Trump is doing a good job? Yes, Donald Trump!”


The comedian and longtime host of Real Time went on to crush POTUS with the following zinger, “Donald Trump gave himself an ‘A’ and you can trust that grade because he used to own a fake university!”


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