Watch: Fareed Zakaria CRUSHES Trump’s Dismal Foreign Policy, Hollow Threats


Watch this incredible clip from the “First Take” segment of this week’s Fareed Zakaria GPS in which Zakaria lays the smackdown on Trump’s dismal foreign policy, bellicose rhetoric, and hollow threats.



This week Trump made an absolute fool out of himself on the world stage, yet again, in a disgraceful series of events surrounding the North Korea crisis.



Trump boasted that the U.S. was sending an ‘Armada’ to the Korean Peninsula in a show of force aimed at sending a stern signal to the region that the era of “Strategic patience” from the Obama Administration was over. The only minor issue was that the USS Carl Vinson Aircraft Carrier was actually sailing in the opposite direction! 

According to the New York Times, the aircraft carrier was NOT heading towards the Korean Peninsula in a show of force, but was rather heading to Japan for a series of pre-planned training exercises.



We also learned this week that Trump received a crash course in Korean history from the Chinese Premier, Xi Jinping, at Mar-a-Lago last weekend. 

Trump was quoted as saying that after listening to Xi Jinping for 10 minutes, he realized that the situation in Korea was not as easy to solve as he initially thought. This further inflamed tensions on the Peninsula when Trump said that Korea, North and South, was once part of China. 

The only issue is that this is a wee bit inaccurate, and was received with consternation and outrage by the South Koreans.



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