Gallup Poll: Trump, Lowest First Quarter Presidential Job Approval since World War II

A recent Gallop tracking poll delivered some jaw dropping news for the Trump White House: Trump’s approval ratings having dropped to 35%!



The Washington Post are reporting that Trump “Is the first president on record to go that low without it owing to one of three things: war, Watergate or economic strife.”



That’s pretty depressing news for the White House, who after a lackluster and unproductive first 100 days where troubled by failure, after failure, after failure. It’s like the genius brain trust occupy the Oval Office have cooked up failure soufflé with a pinch of scandal. Ok, who are kidding, there is way more than a ‘pinch’ of scandal!



I mean, check out this damning comparison from the Washington Post of First Quarter Presidential Job Approval Averages since World War II.



Image: Washington Post