Watch: Glenn Beck Slams Trump for high profile flip-flops “He Has No Core”

It appears that the ranks of the resistance are growing, as Trump’s lunatic fringe Administration continue to burn bridges on both sides of the aisle. 

Anderson Cooper invited the notorious arch conservative Glenn Beck onto his program last night to discuss Trump’s fast and furious week of high profile flip-flops on Syria, NATO, and China to name just a few. 

Beck took a shot at Trump with a hardhitting one liner “He has no core. He goes for the win. And that can be dangerous.”

Glenn Beck went on to slam Trump for backtracking on key campaign promises and turning his back on the conservative, alt-right wing of the Republican Party that lead him to victory in the primaries. 

Beck articulated this quite simply as, “He’s abandoned a lot of people.” 

We’re absolutely thrilled that staunch conservatives are turning on Trump, and voicing their frustration with his feckless, trainwreck presidency. 

The ranks of the resistance are swelling, and it’s only a matter of time before Trump’s house of cards collapses!

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