Watch: Jake Tapper slams Alabama GOP Governor for criminal resignation

Watch: Jake Tapper slams Alabama GOP Governor for criminal resignation

Boom! The GOP walked into a massive punch in Alabama this week when the Republican governor resigned amidst criminal charges involving an elicit affair with a former top aide. 

What distinguishes this case from the ever so common affair between a public official and a subordinate is that the Alabama governor used the powers of the State in an attempt to cover up his own wrongdoings. 

Apparently the Governor’s ex-wife recorded an explicit extramarital conversation between the Governor and a former top aide that left Jake Tapper speechless. The Governor also instructed state police to investigate if others were in possession of the recording as well. 

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is also tied up in this Alabama affair, as the Governor was forced to nominate a replacement for the vacant Senate seat left by Sessions’ appointment to the Trump Administration. 

The Alabama Governor nominated the existing State attorney general, who was leading impeachment proceedings against the Governor, to fill the vacated senate seat. This naturally left a raw taste in the mouth of all Alabama residents as the horrid stench of corruption publicly spread across the land. 

Fortunately there is a decisive resolution to the matter at hand, resulting in resignation, so that the people of Alabama no longer are left in legislative limbo. 

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