Watch: Reporter Crushes Spicer On Mar-a-Lago Trip Costs, Wasteful Spending

Boom! A reporter at the White House press briefing absolutely crushed Sean Spicer with a hardhitting question criticizing Trump’s lavish, frequent trips to his Mar-a-Lago resort. 

Spicer looked uncomfortable and flustered by the line of questioning, particularly given that Trump is personally enriching himself with taxpayer dollars by frequently taking up residence at his own club, so often that it’s being called the “The Southern White House.” 

The blatant disregard for taxpayer dollars that Trump conveys through his expensive weekends at Mar-A-Lago stands in stark contrast to the economic populist portrayed on the campaign trail. 

Rust Belt workers are a far cry from the lavish lifestyle of the Trump clan, but are being forced to foot the bill. Even the residents of Palm Beach are fed up with Trump, as the frequent visits carry a sizable price tag that the small Floridian city are taking on the chin. 

Finally, Spicer had the nerve to suggest that Trump’s recent donation of $78,333 to the Department of the Interior somehow offsets the expensive taxpayer funded trips to Mar-A-Lago, to which the reporter quickly pointed out was not a valid comparison. 

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