Watch: CNN Anchor Destroys GOP Congressman for Assad gas attack denial

Boom! CNN’s Kate Bolduan destroyed GOP Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) for his bizarre denial of the Assad regime’s brutal gas attack against the Syrian people. 

Massie, a Republican from Kentucky, insisted over and over again that “I don’t think it would serve Bashar al-Assad’s purposes to attack his people with chemical weapons.”

Even Trump came out staunchly against the Assad Regime’s recent attack, arguably a war crime, further underlying just how batshit crazy Tom Massie looks for denying that Assad was behind the attack. 

CNN’s Kate Bolduan was initially taken aback by Massie’s ridiculous insinuation that there was any doubt as to the perpetrators of the gas attack. This surprise quickly gave way to an epic takedown that left Massie looking like an even bigger clown. 

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