Trump Gives Bizarre Presser, sniffles are back & a weird exchange with King of Jordan

The sniffles are back! Trump finally condemned the Assad regime and it’s brutal gas attack on the Syrian people earlier this week. 

In an odd press conference performance, Trump appeared unhinged and with perpetual loud breathing that echoed as a reminder of the second Presidential debate with Secretary Clinton. 

Trump is either back on the old nose candy, or he should see a doctor because that breathing does not sound healthy! 

In all seriousness, my hat goes off to Trump for finally using tough words to define the Syrian regime, who have engaged in warfare with reckless abandon and are backed by the Russians. Many Republcians are coming out and saying that this was potentially a war crime, including Senator “Little Marco” Rubio. 

Finally, Trump also had a bizarre exchange with King Abdullah of Jordan, in which he commended the Jordanians as “Great fighters” and went on to say to the King Directly, “You are a great warrior.”

Trump’s homoerotic tensions were flaring up at the Press Conference. What kind of a compliment is that? Was this a sad attempt to taunt the Assad Regime? It’s a real head scratcher folks. What are your thoughts? 

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