Watch: CNN Panel Erupts As Trump Troll Smears Susan Rice With Fake News

Watch: CNN Panel Erupts As Trump Troll Smears Susan Rice With Fake News

Boom! Trump trolls Jack Kingston and Jason Miller got obliterated by CNN’s Van Jones and Anderson Cooper for peddling a ridiculous, fake news smear against former National Security Adviser Susan Rice. 

Kingston, a former Republican Congressman from Georgia, and Miller, a disgraced former Trump communications staffer,  are well known to peddle radical rightwing talking points; however, they stooped to a new low last night when they spread a fabricated smear claim that Susan Rice frequently “Unmasked” subjects of intelligence briefings and widely spread the confidential information across the government, far and wide. 

When Republcians speak of “Unmasking” they’re specifically referring to a longstanding practice whereby high ranking, senior intelligence officials can request to “Unmask” the otherwise confidential identities of subjects under investigation. 

Susan Rice, in her role as National Security Adviser, would have maintained the authority to request that certain surveillance targets could have their identities revealed to Mrs. Rice (hence the term unmasking!) if it would help her in her official role of advising the President. 

Meanwhile, Republicans like Kingston and Miller are so desperate to divert attention from the burning dumpster fire engulfing the White House that they are grasping at straws to distract the American public with fake news in a juvenile attempt to cast doubt on the integrity of the investigations into Trump’s collusion with the Russians.  

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