Watch: Maxine Waters Epic Rant on CNN, “Let’s Talk About Impeachment!”

Watch: Maxine Waters Epic Rant on CNN, “Let’s Talk About Impeachment!”

Boom! Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) exploded on CNN this weekend with an epic rant targeting the taboo subject on everyone’s mind these days: Impeachment! 

Waters said of Trump “I know if we can prove collusion he is impeachable,” in addition to pointing to the ridiculous and “Outrageous” actions of our Delusional POTUS and the cadre of fascists running the Trump Administration. 

We couldn’t agree more with Congresswoman Waters: Trump should be impeached if the House can provide enough evidence pointing to collusion and coordination between the Trump Campaign and the Russian government. 

Waters, who has risen to prominence as a figurehead of the resistance, also called out Trump for “Concocting a scheme” with Rep. Devin Nunes to create a flash bang diversion and entirely false narrative that there was evidence of improper surveillance of Trumo Tower by the Obama Administration. 

Democrats would be wise to continue to offer a platform to party firebrands like Maxine Waters and continue to elevate leaders who are unafraid to fight tooth and nail, with wreckless abandon, to resist the Trump agenda at all costs. 

Impeachment may be our only alternative to the cold harsh reality that the election was stolen, millions of voters were manipulated, and a puppet of the Putin regime was installed at President of the United States. 

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