Watch: Bizarre, Unhinged Trump storms out of press conference at White House

What is going on at 1600 Pennsylvania Aveneue these days? Oh to be but a fly on the wall in the Oval Office, as Trump fumigates and withers beneath the deluge of public scrutiny into his trainwreck administration. 

Case in point, this week Trump abruptly stormed out of a press conference at the White House after making bizarre remarks that lasted less than 10 seconds. 

Worse yet, Trump was supposed to sign an Executive Order on commercial trade policy in front of the cameras, but instead awkwardly aborted the signing ceremony with utter disregard for his Vice President and Commerce Secretary who were hung out to dry at an empty podium. 

Mike Pence feverishly chased Trump down before exiting the room, tapping POTUS on the back, as if to signal “What the f**k is going on Donald?” To which Trump flippantly waved Pence off by pointing his lapdog in the direction of the unsigned Executive Orders. The stunned looks on their faces are priceless! 

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