Watch: Anna Navarro Crushes CNN panelist on Flynn Immunity Deal Logic

Watch: Anna Navarro Crushes CNN panelist on Flynn Immunity Deal Logic

Boom! Anna Navarro absolutely CRUSHED CNN panelist and resident-Trump apologist, Kayleigh McEnany, for her feeble misguided defense of the Mike Flynn immunity deal with the Department of Justice (DOJ). 

Kayleigh’s misguided defense of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was smacked down by fellow panelists Christine Quinn, Anna Navarro, and both CNN anchors. 

Kayleigh’s juvenile ‘red herring’ defense, regarding the 4th Amendment and incidental surveillance, was no match for the fierce and crippling reality that both Trump and Flynn are, “Choking on their own words” as Christine Quinn suggested, for previously claiming that asking for immunity is a telltale sign that you’re guilty. 

Trump supporters appear to be cracking somewhat on the issue of Russian interference, as their “Deny deny deny, Fake News” strategy has given way to an argument of “Yes there was serious Russian intervention, but it’s a witch hunt to accuse Trump and his team of any involvement.” Don’t think that logic is going to get Kayleigh and co. very far in life! 

Finally, Navarro nearly brought the house down with an epic one liner at the end of the clip regarding Devin Nunes: 

“Everytime I see Devin Nunes on TV he looks like the Easter lamb being led to slaughter!”

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