Bill Maher Destroys Trump “Last Cold War the White House was on our side!”

Boom! Bill Maher destroyed Trump’s unending Russia scandal with an epic monologue full of hardhitting one liners, including one pointed jab on “The New Cold War” brewing between the United States and Russia: “In the last Cold War the White House was on our side!”

Unfortunately Delusional Donald is not going to be able to “Tweet” his way out of this one, as the walls continue to close in on his inner circle’s unsavory and treasonous collusion with the Russian government to undermine the integrity of US elections. 

In the latest turn of events, General Mike Flynn is plotting to strike an immunity deal with the FBI in exchange for collaboration in the ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign’s collision with Russia during the 2016 election. 

Finally, Bill Maher also crushed Trump’s ridiculous false narrative regarding manufacturing and coal jobs, “Its like saying we’ve got to put those Blockbuster video clerks back to work!” 

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