Archive Month: April 2017

Watch: Trump threatens N. Korea attack to reporter “You’ll soon find out, won’t you?”

  We all know Donald Trump is a raging sociopath, but his unhinged actions and hardline rhetoric towards North Korea runs the risk of mushrooming into “A Cuban Missile Crisis in slow motion” according Senator McCain (AZ-R).   In the painful, cringeworthy clip below we can clearly hear Trump’s flippant, coy, and dangerously smug response ” You’llRead More

Watch: Epic White House Correspondents Dinner speech Destroys Trump

  Boom! Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj leveled an epic takedown at the White House Correspondents Dinner that destroyed the Trump Administration, who skipped the event in a show of protest against the Press.  The epic 20 minute speech was a comedic Tour-de-France that roasted the trainwreck Trump Administration, including: Delusional Donald, Sean Spicer, SteveRead More

Watch: Elizabeth Warren and Bill Maher take down Trump!

Boom! Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher this week to take down Trump, spread the value that Democrats believe in, and shed a light on “The biggest assault on healthcare in history” as Senator Warren dubbed Trumpcare.   Senator Warren has a new book to promote as well, “This FightRead More

Watch: Bill Maher Obliterates Trump First 100 Days In Epic Monologue

  Boom! Bill Maher was back this week with another episode of Real Time that included an epic monologue obliterating Trump’s first 100 Days. Not only is Delusional Donald suffering from dangerously low approval ratings and the ever increasing threat of impeachment, he also was unable to deliver ANY of his campaign promises in hisRead More

Watch: Alex Jones crowned “Clown of the Week” by Radio Free USA podcast

Boom! The Radio Free USA boys are back with another hard-hitting podcast! This week Alex Jones takes the crown as “Clown of the Week” and you can listen to the exclusive segment below which includes bonus commentary on Russian military provocations in Alaska.   Make sure you Subscribe to listen to the entire podcast and catchRead More

Breaking: Senate Trump-Russia Probe Has No Full-Time Staff, No Key Witnesses

The Daily Beast reported on Monday that the U.S. Senate probe into allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. There are no full-time staff, no key witnesses, and the investigation is clearly going no where.   Naturally, this should shock and disgust those on both sidesRead More

Watch: Professor who predicted Trump win in 2015 drops impeachment bombshell

  Professor Allan Lichtman, a renowned professor of history at American University correctly predicted that Donald Trump would win the 2016 Presidential Election as far back as 2015. Now Professor Lichtman is dropping another bombshell, predicting that Trump will be betrayed and impeached by his own party, and it will only take 24 Republicans inRead More


Breaking: U.S. EMBASSY IN THE UNITED KINGDOM PROMOTES MAR-A-LAGO ON WEBSITE   This is not normal. This is NOT normal. They’ve not even trying to hide the rampant corruption at the highest ranks of the Trump Administration anymore. Is this really happening?   How does Mar-a-Lago get a free advertisement on a government website? This is nuts!Read More

Watch: Carter Page Bizarre Response, Russia Used Him To Infiltrate Trump Team

Carter Page is rapidly approaching the point of no return. The damning revelations CNN reported this week show that Russian officials tried to infiltrate the Trump Campaign through advisers such as Carter Page and others.   The bombshell report shows just how deep Russia’s plans to infiltrate U.S. elections ran, going beyond DNC hacking, Wikileaks, andRead More

Watch: Fareed Zakaria CRUSHES Trump’s Dismal Foreign Policy, Hollow Threats

  Watch this incredible clip from the “First Take” segment of this week’s Fareed Zakaria GPS in which Zakaria lays the smackdown on Trump’s dismal foreign policy, bellicose rhetoric, and hollow threats.     This week Trump made an absolute fool out of himself on the world stage, yet again, in a disgraceful series of eventsRead More