Archive Month: March 2017

Watch: Mexican Politician Trolls Trump, Easily Scales Border Wall, Posts Video

Boom! A Mexican politician pulled an epic stunt and became an international hero this week when he scaled the border wall and trolled Trump with a hilarious video posted to Twitter.   Braulio Guerra is a member of Mexico’s ruling political party, and pulled the prank to prove once and for all how silly, stupid,Read More

Watch: Bill Maher Torches Trump For Exploiting War Widow, Failed Yemen Raid

Boom! Bill Maher absolutely torched Trump on Friday night for his shameless exploitation and betrayal of gold star widow Carryn Owens at the State of The Union addresss.   Delusional Donald exploited Carryn Owens’ grief to score cheap political points and cover up the botched Yemen raid that took the life of her husband, PettyRead More

Steve Bannon’s Ex-Wife Banned For Life By Irish Airline For ‘Flight Rage’

Boom! The darth Sith Lord of the Trump Adminsitstion, Steve Bannon, has a bit of a dark history that may not have made mainstream media headlines during the campaign.  The excerpt below, originally published by the Irish Times, depicts the true story of Steve Bannon’s ex-wife, a pill-popper rage-a-holic banned from Irish airlines, and presently Read More

Breaking: No Valuable Intelligence From Yemen Raid, Top Officials Report

Surprise, surprise: Delusional Donald strikes again! NBC News is reporting that no valuable intelligence was gathered at the disastrous Yemen raid that tragically took the life of Petty Officer Ryan Owens, according to 10 senior intelligence officials.  Let’s breakdown why this is important.  Trump’s speech on Tuesday evening to a joint session of Congress wasRead More

Watch: Jake Tapper Scolds Trump For Reckless Raid, Exploiting Goldstar Widow 

Boom! Jake Tapper scolded Trump for authorizing a reckless raid into Yemen that tragically killed Navy Seal Ryan Owens, and exploiting the painful emotions of a gold-star widow at his address last night to a special joint session of Congress.  It was absolutely infuriating to watch Trump exploit the death of Petty Officer Ryan OwensRead More