Archive Month: March 2017

Russian Hackers Used Bots To Blitz Social Media With Breitbart & InfoWars Links

Wow! We are absolutely floored by the level and depth of rightwing collusion with Russia to hack the 2016 Election and elevate Donald Trump to the White House.  We know about the disgraced aides (Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn) caught red handed on the Putin payroll, we know that Russian hackers repeatedly intruded into various systemsRead More

Winner Announcement: Create Your Own Trump Conspiracy Competiton!

Public service announcement: The following is “Fake News” from the liberal media establishment otherwise known as “The comments section of Democratic Memes!”  Congratulations John Merrick! You are the winner of the inaugural “Create your own Trump conspiracy” competition. A contest so coveted that we award the “Oscar Donkey” to the most creative Trump conspiracy theorist! Read More

CNN Host Crushes Trump For FBI Hypocrisy “Comey giveth, Comey taketh”

Boom! The Trump Administration are feeling the heat today as FBI Director James Comey testified before the House Intelligence Committee about agency investigations into possible collision between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.  The irony of Comey’s testimony today is profoundly Shakespearean, coming just months after the FBI Director tipped the scales of theRead More

John Oliver: “It’s not often you can say Trump should have touched that woman”

Boom! John Oliver brought the house down with an epic one liner from Trump’s awkward exchange with Chancellor Merkel in which he refused to shake her hand in front of the camera: “It’s not often that you can say ‘Trump really should have touched that woman!” The audience erupted with laughter (and so did we!)Read More

Watch: Sean Spicer Denies FBI Investigating Trump Campaign Russia Collusion

It’s official folks, Sean Spicer has become “Reak” from Game of Thrones! The middle aged Pinocchio Press Secretary stooped to a new low this morning when he denied that FBI Director James Comey was investigating collusion between Russia and the Trump Campaign to sabotage Secretary Clinton’s quest to become the first female President of TheRead More

Watch: James Comey drops Russia bombshell “They wanted us to see what they were doing”

FBI Director James Comey dropped a bombshell this afternoon on Capitol Hill when he testified before the House Intelligence Committee on the FBI’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 Election.  When asked by Representative Lleana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL 27) if any aspects of Russian interference were particularly different in 2016 than in previous elections, ComeyRead More

Watch: Trump Is Freaking Out About Snoop Dogg’s Latest Rap Video Parody

Of all the serious, sobering issues facing the President of The United States–climate change, nuclear proliferation, ISIS–one particular ‘crisis’ rose to the top of Trump’s agenda this past week: Snoop Dogg’s latest rap video.  That’s right folks, Snoop Dogg’s latest video really irked ‘The Donald’ this week because it included a parody of Trump asRead More

Watch: Jake Tapper Loses It Trump “Damn sure isn’t defending U.S. credibility”

Boom! Jake Tapper absolutely unleashed an epic rant eviscerating the Trump Administration for embarrassing America culminating in a hardhitting conclusion: White House “Damn sure isn’t defending U.S. credibility!” Tapper was set off by Trump’s recent endorsement of Judge Napolitano’s ridiculous conspiracy theory that President Obama used UK intelligence operatives to wiretap Trump Tower.  To makeRead More

Watch: Fareed Zakaria “Trump is a Bullshitter, Degrading the Presidency”

Boom! You have to be an enormous fuck up for the ever distinguished gentleman scholar, Fareed Zakaria, to call you a “Bullshitter” on national television.   However, Fareed has clearly had enough of Trump’s bullshit and held no punches in a recent interview on CNN regarding Trump’s recent meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  FareedRead More

Watch: Paul Ryan Unravels On Fox News When Pressed On Trumpcare Cost Hikes

Boom! Paul Ryan unraveled on Fox News Sunday when pressed by Chris Wallace on the dramatic cost increases that Trumpcare will wreak upon working families and seniors.  Wallace cited evidence from a CBO estimate showing that a 64 year old earning less than $27,000 a year may pay as much as $14,600 a year forRead More