Watch: Daily Show Roasts Trump Supreme Court Pick For “Action Hero” Hearing

Watch: Daily Show Roasts Trump Supreme Court Pick For “Action Hero” Hearing

Boom! The Daily Show brilliantly roasted Trump’s Surpreme Court pick, Neil Gorsuch, for delivering a performance fit for an “action hero” at his confirmation hearing on Tuesday. 

Gorsuch delivered one liners to tough questions that could have been ripped from a Hollywood blockbuster, like when he was asked what he would do if Trump asked him to overturn Roe vs. Wade, to which Gorsuch replied dramatically “I would have walked out!”

Gorsuch’s scandalous nomination comes on the heals of a seat vacated by the death of Antonio Scalia and over 14 months of unconstitutional stonewalling of Obama’s pick, Merrick Garland, in which the GOP denied President Obama his constitutional right to nominate judges to the high court. 

Democrats must make Republicans pay a political price for their draconian “Deny and delay” strategy in which they refused to even grant a confirmation hearing, let alone a vote, to President Obama’s pick. 

In a time of constitutional crisis, with a rouge Commander-in-Chief colliding with foreign adversaries to undermine the integrity of our democracy, the courts are more important than ever. 

A split 4-4 decision from the Supreme Court created massive uncertainty as legal authority is split across the 11 Appelate Courts in the absence of decisive majority decision from the highest court in the land. 

We need to ensure that the next Supreme Court judge confirmed by the Senate has a level head, and a non-partisan heart, to avoid unified Republican rule and the tyranny of a White House, Congress, and Surpreme Court hellbent on ramrodding a radical right wing agenda across America. 


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