Watch: Daily Show Invades Tennessee Trump Rally To Troll Army of Deplorables 

Boom! The Daily Show are back on the Trump campaign trail…wait what are we saying, is Trump really back on the campaign trail? Apparently so, and the deplorables are back in droves with their “Make America Great Again” hats, “Lock her up” chants, and “Trump that bitch shirts.” 

After interviewing dozens of deplroables, it felt like we were back in the good old days when we just laughted it off and slept well knowing there was no chance that Trump would take the White House. 

Unfortuntely, Delusional Donald colluded with the Russians, Comey tipped the scales with a bombshell letter, and droves of deplorables took the White House. 

Now the visceral hatred is on full display, endorsed from the highest ranks of the Federal government, as Trump fans spew racial slurs and islomoohobic nonsense freely without fear of impunity. 

The funniest, and arguably saddest, moment of the video clip below comes around the 2 minute mark when a seemingly ‘sane’ Trump fan voiced concern for a genuine issue: reducing homelessness. 

However, the brief reprieve from the hoards of Pepe’s and InfoWars fans quickly subsided as the man launched into a ridiculous rant about Michelle Obama being a “man” and a “shemale” according to the rightwing armchair gender ‘expert’. 

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