Watch:Sheldon Whitehouse Demolishes Neil Gorsuch For Special Interest Ties

Watch:Sheldon Whitehouse Demolishes Neil Gorsuch For Special Interest Ties

Boom! Sheldon Whitehouse absolutely destroyed Trump’s Surpreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, today at his Senate confirmation hearing with an epic rant eviscerating Gorsuch’s conservative record and special interest ties. 

Neil Gorsuch is NOT a moderate judge, he is a conservative judicial activist pushing a radical corporate agenda at the behest of monied special interests. 

Case in point, as Senator Whitehouse highlighted, Gorsuch’s sided with corporations against human litigants with a whopping 21-2 record. 

Senator Whitehouse also scolded Gorsuch for his role on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals for siding with the disastrous Hobby Lobby ruling in 2013 that granted corporations the “Right” to deny contraceptive healthcare coverage to employees on the grounds of “Religious freedom.”

Finally, Neil Gorsuch does not deserve the vacant seat on the Surpreme Court. That seat belongs to Merrick Garland, President Obama’s appointee who Republicans stonewalled for 12 months, refusing to even hold a hearing to exercise their constitutional “Advise and consent” role in the confirmation of Surpreme Court nominees. 

We cannot reward the Republicans with a Surpreme Court seat resulting from dirty, dishonest tricks violating the constitutional roles of Congress and the Presidency. 

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