Watch: Sean Spicer Goes Nuclear, Threatens House Republicans on Trumpcare

Sean Spicer went nuclear today, threatening House Republicans that there would be “Consequences in their districts” if they voted against Trumpcare. 

This thinly veiled threat to ‘primary’ Republican representatives for going rogue, and voting with their conscience, comes amidst the back drop of a contentious debate within the GOP on the merits of Trumpcare ahead of Wednesday’s House vote. 

In a clear sign of desperation, Administration officials and senior Republicans in Congress are scrambling to whip up enough votes to pass Trumpcare while fending off fierce challenges from both Democrats and the conservative House Freedom Caucus.  

The irony here is that Spicer is using the threat of voter retaliation to quell dissent,  when the complete opposite is true: a vote for Trumpcare and the disastrous draconian policies within it will more than likely haunt the GOP in 2018 among middle class voters and seniors. 

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