Schwarzenegger Trolls Trump, “The ratings are in and you got swamped!”

Schwarzenegger Trolls Trump, “The ratings are in and you got swamped!”

Boom! Arnold Schwarzenegger absolutely destroyed Trump with an epic video torching Delusional Donald’s low approval ratings in an epic continuation of the feud between the two Hollywood stars turned politicians that has escalated since Trump took the White House. 

“Poor Donald, the ratings are in and you got swamped! Wow, now you’re in the 30’s. But what did you expect, when you take away after school programs from children and Meals on Wheels for the poor people.”

Last week alone the Administration hit rock bottom again after the botched rollout of Trumpcare as well as a budget proposal that guts after school programs and Meals on Wheels to pay for massive tax cuts for the rich. So much for keeping your promise to the Rust Belt!

Trump is clearly miffed by the producers of The Apprentice for selecting Schwarzenegger to replace ‘The Donald” as host of the longtime program Trump made famous. 

Like a true insecure narcissist, Trump repeatedly attacked Schwarzenegger for allegedly generating low ratings for The Apprentice. Most publicly at the National Prayer Breakfast! 

We think there is a more Freudian explanation for the feud, mainly that Trump, ever the self-inflated macho man, is intimidated by Arnold, a former Mr. Universe and legendary Hollywood action hero. 

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