Russian Hackers Used Bots To Blitz Social Media With Breitbart & InfoWars Links

Russian Hackers Used Bots To Blitz Social Media With Breitbart & InfoWars Links

Wow! We are absolutely floored by the level and depth of rightwing collusion with Russia to hack the 2016 Election and elevate Donald Trump to the White House. 

We know about the disgraced aides (Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn) caught red handed on the Putin payroll, we know that Russian hackers repeatedly intruded into various systems (DNC, Podesta emails, etc), and we know that Russian sponsored trolls propogated fake news across the internet. 

However, we are only now beginning to more fully understand ‘how’ Russian hackers may have colluded with rightwing sites like Breitbart and InforWars to spam social media with pro-Trump “Fake News” content at strategic points during the 2016 Election. 

According to numerous sources (links below), the FBI are investigating evidence that Russian hackers programmed robots to blitz Facebook, Twitter, and various social networks to spread false information when Trump was facing difficult stretches of media coverage such as the Access Hollywood tapes and the numerous sexual assault accusations. 

If these revelations are true, there may be devastating federal and legal blowback against the leading rightwing troll sites, Breitbart and InfoWars, for spreading fake news and embroiling themselves in counterintelligence operations with a foreign adversary to undermine the integrity of U.S. elections. 

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