Anderson Cooper Explodes On Trump Troll “Is The President A Liar Or Not?”

Boom! Anderson Cooper absolutely crushed CNN’s infamous Trump troll, Jeffrey Lord, for defending Delusional Donald’s debunked wiretap claim. Cooper exploded on Lord with an epic one liner, “Is the President a liar or not?”

Even conservative news outlets and prominent GOP officials have abandoned Trump’s bogus wiretapping claims, with only the truly diehard fascist trolls remaining among the ranks of the tinfoil ‘true believers’, like Sean Spicer and Jeffrey Lord. 

The walls are closing in on Trump’s ruse. On Monday FBI Director James Comey confirmed what we already knew: There is no evidence, none, that President Obama or any other member of the previous Administration ordered the FBI to wiretap Trump Tower. 

Unfortunately for Delusional Donald, however, the FBI Director did confirm that the FBI have been investigating collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia since July 2016 as part of a counterintelligence operation. 

Whoops! Looks like Jeffrey Lord has some explaining to do!

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