Winner Announcement: Create Your Own Trump Conspiracy Competiton!

Winner Announcement: Create Your Own Trump Conspiracy Competiton!

Public service announcement: The following is “Fake News” from the liberal media establishment otherwise known as “The comments section of Democratic Memes!” 

Congratulations John Merrick! You are the winner of the inaugural “Create your own Trump conspiracy” competition. A contest so coveted that we award the “Oscar Donkey” to the most creative Trump conspiracy theorist! 

Let’s give it up for John for the tremendous creativity! After all, it’s not easy coming up with a conspiracy theory so realistic it could pass as a Sean Spicer press release! 

Please enjoy John’s conspiracy below, comment, and share widely with your friends!

“BREAKING NEWS – Donald Trump held a meeting with his closest advisors today, and informed them that he is the only person that can save earth from itself, but he added, he also has the power to make things levitate, and he can PROVE IT. 

Sources say, the eager excitement from Trump staffers was short lived, as they could clearly see that the confidential document’s corners were being held up by a fishing line going through 4 holes in the ceiling. 

Things apparently got more embarrassing for the White House when Secret Service agents raced to the second floor and found Vladimir Putin on his knees pulling the strings! The meeting ended with Donald yelling, “Go to commercial”.”

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