John Oliver: “It’s not often you can say Trump should have touched that woman”

Boom! John Oliver brought the house down with an epic one liner from Trump’s awkward exchange with Chancellor Merkel in which he refused to shake her hand in front of the camera:

“It’s not often that you can say ‘Trump really should have touched that woman!”

The audience erupted with laughter (and so did we!) following Oliver’s joke, that likely sent Trump supporters fumigating all across the Twitter-sphere. 

Trump truly is an international embarrassment, the equivalent of the drunk racist uncle banned from Thanksgiving after hurling a turkey leg at the crippled neighbor boy who came by to borrow a stick of butter last year. 

Needless to say we can’t hide our disdain and distrust for Delusional Donald. It is truly irritating to see an unhinged toddler whimsically demolishing decades of transatlantic alliances and a post-war consensus built upon the Marshall Plan, NATO, and an opposition to Soviet expansionism. 

Germany is our strongest ally in Europe, a beacon of democracy, and a truly global leader on human rights, labor rights, and economic equality. 

Meanwhile, as Oliver noted, “He’s treating the Chancellor of Germany like a drunk guy masturbating in a subway car!”

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