CNN Host Crushes Trump For FBI Hypocrisy “Comey giveth, Comey taketh”

CNN Host Crushes Trump For FBI Hypocrisy “Comey giveth, Comey taketh”

Boom! The Trump Administration are feeling the heat today as FBI Director James Comey testified before the House Intelligence Committee about agency investigations into possible collision between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. 

The irony of Comey’s testimony today is profoundly Shakespearean, coming just months after the FBI Director tipped the scales of the 2016 Election in favor of the Trump campaign by announcing, via a dramatic press release, that the FBI were considering reopening the never ending investigation into Hillary Clinton’s infamous emails. 

As CNN host Goria Berger put it best “Comey giveth, Comey taketh!” That’s right, the 2016 kingmaker stabbed the “Mad King” in the back just three months into Delusional Donald’s administration by publicly naming and shaming Trump at the center of an intense counter intelligence investigation. 

Nevertheless, it was somewhat unnerving listening to Comey’s testimony and the national embarrassment Americans suffered throughout 2016 as we watched the Russian government interfere, hack, and slow drip leaked information to various media outlets in a public attempt to undermine the integrity of the American electoral process. 

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