Watch: Fareed Zakaria “Trump is a Bullshitter, Degrading the Presidency”

Boom! You have to be an enormous fuck up for the ever distinguished gentleman scholar, Fareed Zakaria, to call you a “Bullshitter” on national television.  

However, Fareed has clearly had enough of Trump’s bullshit and held no punches in a recent interview on CNN regarding Trump’s recent meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. 

Fareed went on to describe Trump as someone who is “Pathological” and is “Degrading the presidency.” Zakaria even pointed out how disturbing it is that POTUS cannot control himself and cannot be controlled by others. 

Trump is a man who, according to Zakaria, has “Succeeded at bullshitting” all his life and is unwilling or unable to reign this core aspect of his personality in to acclimate to the burden of holding high office. 

Don Lemon: “Do you think the President is a pathological liar?”

Fareed Zakaria: “I think there is clearly a pathological element to his behavior, he almost can’t control himself. I happen to know from talking to some of the people around him that people have tried to stop him, and he can’t.”

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