Watch: CNN Reporter Destroys Trump With Top 5 Debunked Conspiracy List

Watch: CNN Reporter Destroys Trump With Top 5 Debunked Conspiracy List

Boom! Watch this epic takedown of Delussional Donald’s “Top 5 Debunked Conspiracies” reported by CNN.  

(5) Obama manipulated the jobs report for years

According to comrade Sean Spicer  “The numbers were phony then but they’re very real now.” Spicer was doubling down on Trump’s tweet from last weekend following the release of positive jobs numbers. 

Although Trump and Spicer never specified precisely how Obama was manipulating the jobs report for years, particularly as the non-partisan Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) produce the report and their methodology has not changed for decades… 

(4) Obama lost the Popular Vote in 2012

Although Trump later deleted the tweets, the underlying irony is that he was suggesting “We should have a revolution in this country” because Obama won the election but lost the Popular Vote….sound familiar?

(3) I won the Popular Vote, millions voted illegally 

Trump claimed as many as 3 million people voted illegally for Hillary Clinton, which is quite a serendipitous estimate given that’s the exact deficit he lost the Popular Vote by in the 2016 Election. If that’s the case, then logically it would be a tie, not a “Landslide” victory, right? That last one probably went over his head!

(2) Obama illegally wiretapped Trump Tower

The most recent, and arguably the most outrageous to date, conspiracy is one that Trump has refused to back down from even as the walls of his illegitimate presidency continue to close in on him. 

The latest strain of this lie is that Obama used the British Secret Spy Agency, MI5, to spy on Trump in order to avoid responsibility. This is tinfoil stuff folks!

(1) Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Fake 

Arguably the longest running Con in the recent history of American politics, Trump persisted in parading the blatant falsehood that Obama was not American by birth, therefore illegitimizing his presidency. 

This one is is particularly dastardly as it is a derivative of another infamous lie: Obama is a secret Muslim born in Kenya. Once President Obama debunked this by releasing his birth certificate, Trump quickly pivoted to “That birth certificate is fake!” Classic toddler logic folks!

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