Watch: Reporter Catches Spicer In Epic Lie On DOJ Investigation of Trump

Watch: Reporter Catches Spicer In Epic Lie On DOJ Investigation of Trump

Boom! The million dollar question these days that the Administration simply refuse to truthfully answer is actually quite simple: “Is President Donald Trump under investigation by the Department of Justice?” 

Sean Spicer was caught red handed in an epic showdown with a White House correspondent regarding Spicer’s earlier claims that the Administration were given reassurances by the DOJ that Trump was not under investigation. 

Not a difficult question to answer, right? Wrong! The cornucopia of alternative facts presented by Trump aides, particularly Press Secretary Sean Spicer, are laughable at best and treasonous at worst. 

There is a Nixonian level cover up underway to deceive the Press and throw the dog off the scent of investigations into the impeachable offenses Trump may have committed in the run up to the 2016 election. 

Why did the Russian Ambassador attend the Republican National Convention? Why would the FBI seek a FISA Warrant from the Department of Justice to wiretap Trump Tower if his campaign was not the target of counterterrorism investigation? Why did Paul Manafort abruptly join the campaign and shortly there after resign amidst revelations that he was on the Kremlin payroll?

So many questions, and yet, the answers we continue to receive from senior officials are slimy, slithery, and uncomfortably inept. Follow the money folks! The walls are closing in on Delusional Donald. 

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