Watch: Colbert Diagram Reveals Inner Secrets of Trump-Putin Relationship

Watch: Colbert Diagram Reveals Inner Secrets of Trump-Putin Relationship



Boom! Stephen Colbert revealed a ‘top secret’ diagram (wink wink) on “The Late Show” last night to help us all make sense of the complexities of the mysterious relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.




Colbert began with an epic takedown mocking softball media coverage of Trump’s address to a Joint Session of Congress, in which much of the Press revered his speech as “Presidential” with headlines like “Tonight Donald Trump because President of the United States.”



“Yes, that night Donald Trump became President. Then 4 days later the President became Donald Trump again. Why did he go from statesman like Orator to ‘Captain Twitter Bananas?’ He’s like a magician, misdirecting your attention with the slightest of hands. And we all know Trump has the slightest of hands!”



Colbert brilliantly articulated the Trump misdirection playbook, in which Delusional Donald and his White House minions divert and distract to shirk Press coverage of the potentially impeachable ties between the Trump campaign and senior Russian officials.



As only Stephen Colbert can, The Late Show host borrowed from the Glen Beck playbook to torch Trump’s penchant for fringe conspiracy theories by sketching out the vast network of connections between Trump and Putin on a chalk board. Taking aim at the following targets:


  • Paul Manafort – former Trump campaign manager, resigned in disgrace amidst reports he was on the Putin payroll for years.
  • Michael Flynn – former National Security Adviser, resigned in disgrace as well amidst leaks of secret meetings with Russian officials, and also a potential link to the Putin payroll
  • Jeff Sessions – Trump’s Attorney General, recently recused himself from all investigations into Trump campaign connections to Russia
  • FBI – Director James Comey is reportedly furious at Trump for propagating fake news about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower
  • CIA – Trump thinks these guys are out to ‘get’em’
  • NSA – Trump wears a tinfoil helmet to keep these guys from reading his thoughts
  • Wikileaks – Trump loves these guys, because they leak damaging information about Hillary and the CIA that they receive from Russia FSB back channels
  • Administration Leaks – Trump hates leakers, sent Spicer to stalk their phones



Is it all making sense yet? No? Ok, that’s what we thought! Hopefully Colbert’s diagram will help paint a crisp, clear picture to get us all on the same page!



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