Reporter Schools Spicer “If Trump has proof of bugging why not hand it over?”

Reporter Schools Spicer “If Trump has proof of bugging why not hand it over?”

Boom! Hallie Jackson, White House Correspodnent for NBC Nightly News, absolutely schooled Press Secretary Sean Spicer this week with one simple question: “If Trump has proof of bugging, why not just hand it over?”

Now that’s brilliant journalism! It’s incredible how one single question can expose such a grandiose flaw in the Admnistration’s argument that Congress should investigate Trump’s ‘fake news’ accusation that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. 

Republicans on Capitol Hill and senior White House aides scrambled over the weekend to defend Trump’s felonious wiretap claims, even going as far as to demand a Congressional investigation into the matter. 

However, why would POTUS need Congress to investigate if he already had hard evidence to prove his claim? After all, Trump’s tweets presented the wiretap claim and Obama’s culpability as a point in fact, not a speculative accusation requiring investigation. 

The fact of the matter is, Trump doesn’t have any evidence to backup his claim other than theschizophrenic voices in his head! Asking Congress to investigate his erroneous claims is simply a diversionary tactic to distract and legitimize his impulsive Twitter outburst. Nothing more to see here folks!

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