Watch: Daily Show Roasts Trump’s Tinfoil Twitter Conspiracy Theories 

Boom! Trevor Noah and the Daily Show absolutely ripped into Trump’s tinfoil Twitter conspiracy theories last night after a weekend of paranoid propaganda from Delusional Donald. 

Our personal favorite from the clip below is the part where Noah brilliantly points out how conspiracies theories are typically devised and driven individuals who lack visibility and understanding of the actual material facts surrounding the alleged conspiracy. 

That’s why they call it a “Conspiracy theory” after all, because it is a theory based on conjecture and observation. 

However, quite ironically we might add, Trump is in the highest position in the Federal government, and with that title comes access to a treasure trove of classified information outside the reach of your average fringe tinfoil theorist. 

In other words, the facts are at his disposal! And yet, Trump continues to perpetuate ‘alternative fact’ conspiracy theories devoid of any and all reality. 

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