Watch: John Oliver Levels Epic Attack On Sessions & Trump Nixonian Cover Up

Watch: John Oliver Levels Epic Attack On Sessions & Trump Nixonian Cover Up

Boom! John Oliver absolutely ripped into Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump this weekend with an epic monologue targeting the ever increasing Nixonian-level cover up of suspicious connections between the Administration and Russia. 

John Oliver launched into a hilarious rant by taking aim at Trump with a pointed one-liner: “We begin tonight with President Trump, two words that don’t belong together like ‘Baby pubes’ or ‘Haunted horse’!” 

It still feels wrong to utter the words POTUS and Trump in the same sentence. 

Oliver followed up with a crisp combination to the head of the Department of Justice:

“Jeff Sessions, Trump’s Attorney General, and the unfortunate result of Dobby the House Elf’s one night stand with a confederate flag.”

Finally, Oliver finished off Jeff Sessions by pointing out the absurdity of his suspicious “Unforced error” at the confirmation hearing. Sessions not only lied about meeting with Russian officials as a campaign surrogate in 2016, but that wasn’t even the question! 

“Now there is an obvious problem there, as we now know what he just said is not true. But perhaps the weirder thing is that was an unforced error. He wasn’t even asked whether or not he met with the Russians. He just implicated himself out of the blue, which should have been immediately suspicious!” 

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