Watch: SNL Torch Trump With Epic Jeff Sessions Forrest Gump Sketch!

Watch: SNL Torch Trump With Epic Jeff Sessions Forrest Gump Sketch!

Boom! Saturday Night Live torched Trump last night with an epic sketch targeting Jeff Sessions as Forest Gump!

The hardhitting sketch will likely send Delusional Donald into a paranoid frenzy, and provided yet another stellar example of political satire as a vital democratic tool to speak truth to power. 

Jeff Sessions is clearly on the ropes, after a week in which the man responsible for prosecuting people who commit perjury admitted to committing perjury himself! 

Not only did Sessions have inappropriate  contact with Russian officials during the height of the campaign, amidst fears of hacking and nefarious meddling in U.S. elections, but he lied about it under oath at his confirmation hearing when asked a direct question by Senator Al Frankel (D-Minnesota). 

The true power of SNL’s skit targeting Sessions was the underlying subtext that the Attorney General casually attempted to shirk responsibility for lying under oath by putting on a southern school boy display of bashful ignorance. 

This was epitomized by Sessions’ response to Senator Franken at the confirmation hearing, and subsequent stare at his attorney in a display of “Oh shit, I just committed perjury!”

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