Archive Month: February 2017

Watch: Trump Deportation Order Sets Stage For Mass Deportations across U.S.

Unbelievable, unprecedented, and unconstitutional: Donald Trump set the stage for mass deportations with the stroke of a pen this week as the Department of Homeland Security issued new guidelines that “Empower state and local law enforcement agencies to perform the functions of immigration officers.” Of course the Trump Administration is rushing to reassure the publicRead More

Watch: ‘Spurious Spicer’ U.S. has “Healthy & robust relationship with Mexico”

What on earth is Sean Spicer smoking? Clearly Delusional Donald is rubbing off on the Press Secretary, who shamelessly claimed that “I would argue we have a very healthy and robust relationship with Mexico.”  Seriously Spicer? How do you stand up there with a straight face and say such ludicrous, alternative fact nonsense? The relationshipRead More

Watch: Colbert Rips Trump Family For $11.3M Travel Bill In First Month!

Boom! Stephen Colbert is emerging as one of the entertainment industry leaders of the resistance.  Each night, “The Late Show” star’s monologue is riddled with sharp-witted content aimed squarely at Delusional Donald and the dumpster fire otherwise known as the Trump Administration.  Last night Colbert stacked the ire of his audience directly on Trump andRead More

Editorial: Trust Trumps Truth, To Defeat Trump, Focus on Trust, Not Facts

Why do so many Americans consciously choose to ignore the mountain of evidence, facts, and incessant fact-checking that dominate news media coverage of the Trump Administration?  The premise of our argument is simple: Trust trumps truth for Trump supporters.  Did Trump win with one of the largest electoral college victories of all-time? No.  Can mostRead More

Watch: Seth Meyers Mocks All-White “Make America Great Again” Photo Shoot 

Boom! Seth Meyers roasted Delusional Donald yet again last night with a hilarious segment that mocked Trump’s War on the Press, foreign policy miscues, and the all-white “Make America Great Again” photo shoot the Administration recently posted to Twitter. Meyers came out swinging with great lines like, “Look how white that photo is? If youRead More

Watch: John Oliver slams Trump For Inventing Sweden Terrorist Attack

Boom! John Oliver absolutely slammed Trump this weekend for inventing yet another “fake news” terror attack, this time targeting everyone’s favorite Nordic neighbor: Sweden.  Let us repeat ourselves, there was no recent terror attack in Sweden. Is everyone on the same page? Ok good, because apparently our President is not! As always, John Oliver providedRead More

Watch: Wallace vs Priebus Heated Exchange “Trump can’t tell us what to do!”

Boom! You’ve got to see this epic clip of Chris Wallace sparring with Reince Priebus on Fox News Sunday!  Wallace unleashed a firestorm of facts on Priebus relating to Trump’s war with freedom of speech and freedom of the press. As John McCain said this weekend, that’s how dictatorships get started!  Trump and his croniesRead More

Watch: Bill Maher Shreds Trump with epic Real Time monologue for the ages!

Boom! Bill Maher shredded ‘Delusional Donald’ with an epic monologue on his show “Real Time” on HBO.  Maher’s hard hitting district ripped into the trainwreck Presidency of Donald J. Trump. The Administration appears unhinged, with erratic press conferences and high level leaks. Frankly, it’s a sinking ship, and the rats are running the roost.  FromRead More

Watch: Morning Joe Host Bans Kellyanne “Con-job” for Fake News Propaganda

Boom! Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski banned Kellyanne Conway from appearing on the popular MSNBC show because of Conway’s notorious reputation for lies, fake news, and rightwing propaganda.  Brzezinski said, “I know for a fact she tries to book herself on this show; I won’t do it.” What a welcomed development! Between CNN’s Conway snubRead More

Watch: Delusional Donald Takes Credit for Securing the U.S.-Canada Border

Boom! Delusional Donald took credit for securing the infamous and notoriously dangerous: U.S-Canada Border?  That’s right folks, at a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Trump bragged about how his Administration have done a “Tremendous Job” securing the Canadian Border. Because, you know, that’s what his whole campaign platform was about, right?Read More