Trump Calls Deportation Push “Military Operation” To Get “Really bad dudes”

Trump Calls Deportation Push “Military Operation” To Get “Really bad dudes”

Tyrannical fascism is alive and well in America as Delusional Donald announced today that his push for a mass deportation force is a “Military Operation” aimed at catching “Really bad dudes.”

We cannot allow Trump to steamroll due process of law and round up immigrants by the millions simply because he “heard” that there are some “bad hombres” on the loose. Sorry Donald, but Breitbart News is not a realizable source of immigration statistics, nor does saying the term bad hombres make you bilingual. 

“We’re getting really bad dudes out of this country,” Trump said in a video posted by The White House, “And at a rate nobody has ever seen before. And they’re the bad ones. And it’s a military operation.”

The true irony here is that Administration officials desperately tried to dispel the notion that there is a militarized deportation force. I guess Donald didn’t get the memo. Or read the memo. Unfortunately, recent Homeland Security  regulations beg to differ, as the Federal government handed down powers to local and state authorities to enforce the deportation agenda of the Trump Administration. 

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