Watch: Delusional Donald Takes Credit for Securing the U.S.-Canada Border

Boom! Delusional Donald took credit for securing the infamous and notoriously dangerous: U.S-Canada Border? 

That’s right folks, at a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Trump bragged about how his Administration have done a “Tremendous Job” securing the Canadian Border. Because, you know, that’s what his whole campaign platform was about, right? Wrong! 

As usual, this is typical Trump trumphanism, swooping in for the media spotlight to take credit for a non-existent “Job well done.” There is no crisis along the Canadian border. Refugees and immigrants are NOT pouring across the frozen tundra of our northern frontier. 

And yet, our delusional, narcissistic, and mentally unstable President deemed it prudent to congratulate himself for doing absolutely nothing, meanwhile insulting the Canadian head of state in the process by associating his country with dangerous criminals crossing the border. 

We can’t make this stuff up folks! This is real life. This is NOT normal. 

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