Watch: Seth Meyers Nails Trump’s Trainwreck Time In The White House

Watch: Seth Meyers Nails Trump’s Trainwreck Time In The White House

Boom! Late Night with Seth Meyers nailed Trump’s trainwreck Administration perfectly this week, while also offering hope for Democrats as they resist ‘delusional Donald’ at every turn. 

Meyers cited reports that Trump spends his days obsessively watching cable news coverage in his bathrobe. While many of you are likely scared by the thought of Trump in a bathrobe, Sean Spicer took this opportunity to scold the media yet again for allegedly propagating “Fake News” about Trump, by vehemently disputing the rumors. 

When the White House Press Pool asked Spicer to clarify precisely what he was disputing, Spicer claimed that “Trump doesn’t own a bathrobe and certainly doesn’t wear one.” Seriously? Is that what our Press Secretary is so outraged about? A rumor about a bathrobe? Not that the ‘so-called’ (you see what we did there!) President of the United States is wasting hours each day pouring over Press coverage rather than taking the time to read the executive orders he’s signing?

Meyers than turned his attention to the Democrats, who have mounted fierce opposition to Trump’s every move over the past few weeks; however, the numbers simply are not on the side of the Democrats, as they have yet to successfully sink any of Trump’s nominees. 

Finally, while the broader subtext of Meyer’s segment is one of hope and optimism for Democrats, it is wrapped in a subtle warning that a course correction is required. 

It is our view that Democrats have yet to materially change their electoral strategy for down ballot races in more than a decade. We need to dig deep, compete across all 50 States, and pool our resources to take back State Houses and Governors Mansions across the country. Only then will we be able to leverage the demographic and generational advantages we have over Republicans, whose voter base is evaporating at an ever increasing rate. 

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