Watch: Europe Is Having A Field Day Trolling Trump & It’s Absolutely Hilarious!

Boom! Europeans are trolling Trump so hard and it’s absolutely hilarious. A brilliant video by a Dutch comedian will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter with a parody video entitled “America First, The Netherlands Second!”

Of course, Trump’s whole “America First” rhetoric must leave many of our closest allies around the world with an unsavory taste in their mouths. Europe is one of the regions most at risk by Trump’s unhinged, uninformed rhetoric particularly as he repeatedly hints at the prospect of the U.S. abandoning NATO. 

No one is happier at this line of attack than Putin, who is absolutely drooling at the idea of a Europe without the defensive protection of NATO. Which is why our longtime allies across Europe are terrified by Trump’s belligerent rhetoric. 

Not to be outdone, comedians in The Netherlands put together an epic video parody that aims to speak to Trump in his own language of bombastic prose and brutal nationalism. It’s a real treat! 

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