Watch: Comedian Trolls GOP With “Breathe Easy” Radical Muslim Detector

Watch: Comedian Trolls GOP With “Breathe Easy” Radical Muslim Detector

Boom! The folks at Fusion perfectly captured the ridiculous right wing anti-Muslim hysteria with an epic informercial spoof for a spurious product “Breathe Easy” radical Muslim detector. 

The concept of the spoof invokes the blind fear so many Republicand hold against Muslims by offering an easy solution to tell just how jihadi your Muslim neighbors truly are deep down inside. 

The concept of the “Rad Enzyme” detector is absolutely hilarious, as well as the corresponding meter (shown above) that plots on a scale of “Likes Humus” to “ISIS Supporter.” 

Of course, there is no such thing as a “Rad Enzyme”, but the ruse reflects the simplistic narrative Republicans present to the American people and wrap up in the warped, meaningless phrase “Extreme Vetting.”

Trump is particularly guilty in this vile attempt to portray his “Extreme vetting” policy as a magic wand that can determine with ease if a refugee is a “Good Muslim” or a “Bad Muslim.” Republicans probably think that whispering radical Islamic extremism into a refugee’s ear during the vetting process somehow reveals their true colors. 

Presenting a black and white narrative of us versus them, epitomized by Trump’s blanket travel ban targeting Muslim countries, is not an effective strategy for keeping Americans safe. On the contrary, it accomplishes quite the opposite, fomenting further fear and hatred on both sides that has already begun to boil over. 

Fortunately the comedians at Fusion were able to put a smile on our faces while simultaneously exposing the nonsensical proposals so many on the right put forward as bonafide plans to vet refugees and keep “Bad hombres” from entering the United States. Sorry Republicans, but this is NOT a real scientific product and the infomercial is as fake as the news presented by Fox….Burn!

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