Archive Month: February 2017

Watch: White House Leak Witch Hunt Backfires As Secret Meeting Leaks To Press 

Boom! It doesn’t get much better than this folks, the White House witch hunt to indentify staffers leaking sensitive information to the Press backfired this week as a top secret meeting held by Press Secretary Sean Spicer was leaked to CNN and other news outlets.  The irony is enormous here, as Trump apparently authorized theRead More

Watch: Map shows where most undocumented workers live in the U.S. 

Where do most undocumented immigrants live? This brilliant animated video shows that over 60% of undocumented immigrants live in metropolitan cities, with the largest populations in the New York City, Los Angeles, and Houston metropolitan areas.  Delusional Donald Trump wants to immediately deport all undocumented immigrants from the United States. But what would that reallyRead More

Watch: Former Bush AG “Where’s the crime?” Defends Trump Russia Ties

What in the world is wrong with Attorney General Michael Mukasey? The former Bush official charged with running the Department of Justice (DOJ) went on CNN’s “Out Front with Erin Burnett” last night to defend the Trump Administration against charges of treason and sedition under the Logan Act.  When pressed by Burnett for a commentRead More

Watch: Jon Stewart Returns To Unleash Epic Can of Whoop Ass On Trump!

Boom! Jon Stewart returned to the late night airwaves on Monday to unleash an epic can of whoop ass on Delusional Donald! Stewart clearly hasn’t skipped a stride in retirement, as he emerged from behind Stephen Colbert’s desk during The Late Show on CBS before launching into a nuclear strike if sarcasm aimed at exposingRead More

Watch: John Oliver Obliterates Republicans For Obamacare Repeal Lies

Boom! John Oliver absolutely obliterated Trump Republicans for repeatedly lying to Americans about Obamacare.  After years of pledging to “Repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act, and refusing to work with Democrats to enhance the law and expand coverage, Republicans are now whimpering back to voters with their tails between their legs with promises toRead More

Watch: Bill Maher Gets GOP Rep To Back Special Prosecutor For Russia Ties

Boom! Bill Maher got the notoriously horrible, ‘Benghazi truther’ Darrell Issa (R-CA) to back the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate ties between Delusional Donald and Putin’s Russia.  That’s right folks, even disregard Republicans in Congress are starting to wake up to the treasonous reality that POTUS possesses unsavory connections to Putin’s Russia.  Unfortunately,Read More

Watch: Robert Reich Unleashes, Leaves Trump Supporter Speechless 

Boom! Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich unleashed a fiery rebuke upon notorious Trump troll and CNN regular, Jeffrey Lord, after news surfaced that the White House banned CNN and other news outlets from attending a closed door briefing with Press Secretary Sean Spicer.  As usual, Jeffrey Lord took to the airwaves to continue his TrumpRead More

Watch: DNC Debate “Voter ID Laws Are In Violation Of The US Constitution”

Boom! Did anyone catch the fireworks at the CNN DNC Debate last night? As a Democrat, we are inspired by how deep our bench is in terms of the future leadership of the Democratic Party.  We need to continue to come out swinging against any and all Trump initiatives that seek to enact draconian voterRead More

Trump Calls Deportation Push “Military Operation” To Get “Really bad dudes”

Tyrannical fascism is alive and well in America as Delusional Donald announced today that his push for a mass deportation force is a “Military Operation” aimed at catching “Really bad dudes.” We cannot allow Trump to steamroll due process of law and round up immigrants by the millions simply because he “heard” that there areRead More

What To Say To Make Your Trumpkin Friend Blow A Fuse – Part 1: Russia

Look, we’ve all been there.  You’re in a heated debate with a Trumpkin, and they’re citing anecdotal evidence to justify deporting millions or discriminating against Muslims.  Your blood is boiling and you’re searching for the perfect thing to say.  Well, good news…we’ve got you covered! Our sleeper cell network of undercover liberals, masquerading as undecideds/moderates, hasRead More